5 Reasons You Need a Lawyer for an Uncontested Divorce Case

5 Reasons You Need a Lawyer for an Uncontested Divorce Case

Everyone filing for a divorce engages in a contest in most cases, especially when there are children or family assets involved. There are, however, some situations where the party filing for the divorce can achieve their objectives without contesting. Most people ask why they need a lawyer in an uncontested divorce case. The guide below explains the why and how a lawyer in an uncontested divorce case can still be helpful.

They Help Point Out the Legal Issues You Missed

In most cases, the couple agrees on an uncontested divorce to avoid going to court. While this is cost-effective and time-efficient, there are several legal issues you might miss. Working with an experienced divorce lawyer becomes paramount as you point out typical issues that arise in many cases. This gives you leverage over your decisions and creates an avenue for you to contest. When you identify the legal issues, you develop a long-term plan and avoid problems after the separation.

You Still Have to Handle Paperwork

As much as you or your spouse agrees on an uncontested divorce, there is still paperwork to handle to finalize the process. You need to provide information and fill out forms to ascertain your decision to divorce. By hiring the divorce attorney, you get an avenue to handle the related paperwork effortlessly. You also avoid mistakes that might compromise the process when the lawyer handles the paperwork for you. When you consult a lawyer, it becomes easier to know whether agreeing on an uncontested divorce is beneficial or not. They ensure you sign appropriate paperwork, relieving you of stress and doubt.

You Still Need Effective Legal Representation

You still need to appear before the jury in an uncontested case despite avoiding the chaos that comes with most divorce cases. You need to show you agree with the previous decision by explaining your side and signing relevant papers. The lawyer explains the relevance of court sessions and offers representation when you cannot. They will answer the questions on your behalf and ensure the sessions are fruitful. You need to give the court confidence, which is possible through effective legal representation. With the lawyer representing you, the case moving forward becomes easy.

You Still Need to Protect Your Rights and Assets

Signing divorce papers without the guidance of an experienced lawyer is a wrong move. You need guidance to weigh your options and make informed decisions, especially when family assets are present. It is easy to agree on the divorce and later walk away with alimony claims or marital debts. Ensure you work with a reputable divorce attorney to protect your rights and assets. Before giving advice, the lawyer looks into different aspects of the family, including wealth, money, and children. They ensure the couple knows what is on the table and create a platform for discussion.

They Help You Avoid Emotional Blackmail and Intimidation

Uncontested divorce cases are rare. There is usually a good reason for a couple to agree on an uncontested divorce. In some cases, people use emotional blackmail, threats, manipulation, or intimidation to push for an uncontested divorce. When you have a lawyer in your case, you avoid getting taken advantage of or coerced to file for a divorce. They assess your case and make it possible for you to avoid a quick settlement. They protect your rights as a person and ensure you get justice in a divorce case. Even after settling for an uncontested divorce, the lawyer can still provide emotional guidance and counseling services and make it easy for you to settle fast after the case.

While uncontested divorce cases are rare, many people still go through them. You should, however, understand that, like any other case, legal guidance is still paramount. The guide above explains why you still need a lawyer in an uncontested divorce case and how they can help.