Why You Need an Experienced Huntsville Divorce Attorney

Why You Need an Experienced Huntsville Divorce Attorney

When you and your spouse can no longer stand each other, the idea of divorce may creep into your mind. Before you file for divorce, however, you need to understand what it will entail. Unfortunately, research and documentation are not as simple as they sound. If you have consumed enough TV to assume that it is a simple process, think again. Divorce is complicated and comes with many consequences that cannot be ignored. If you are contemplating getting a divorce attorney in Huntsville or anywhere else in Alabama, an experienced local attorney can advise you on the pros and cons of proceeding with this course of action. An attorney will also help you throughout the divorce process by drafting important documents and advising you on the best strategy for your unique situation. Here is why an experienced attorney is essential if you’re considering a divorce:

Determining Divorce-related Consequences 

Before getting divorced, you should be aware of the financial and emotional consequences of the decision. First, you should be aware that getting divorced will affect your finances. You will have to pay your attorney, who will draft the documents that finalize your divorce. You will also have to pay for the court fees. Moreover, if you have kids, you may have to pay child support. Even more important, your decision may have an effect on your future financial security. If you are unhappy with the terms of your current financial situation, filing for divorce may make you eligible for a change. While getting a divorce might give you the opportunity to renegotiate your financial terms, it also opens the door for your spouse to do the same.

Understanding the Different Kinds of Divorce 

Before filing for divorce, you should understand the different kinds of divorce. Although there is no standard kind of divorce, there are several types that are used most often.

No Fault Divorce – This kind of divorce is the simplest and most common. In a no-fault divorce, neither party is at fault for the break-up of the marriage. While it might sound like a good thing, it actually has serious consequences. You can only file this kind of divorce if you agree on how to divide your property and debts.

Fault Divorce – This type of divorce is more complicated. A fault divorce occurs when one spouse is at fault for the breakup of the marriage. In this case, you would have to prove your spouse’s fault. If you are the one filing for divorce, you have to prove that your spouse’s actions make divorce necessary.

Drafting and Filing Divorce Documents 

As an experienced divorce lawyer, you will help you create a strategy for filing the necessary divorce documents. You will have to decide which documents are appropriate for your situation. Moreover, you will have to decide how and where to file them. For example, if you wish to file for divorce in Alabama, you have to consider the difference between divorce types and the associated forms. You can file for divorce by appearing in court or by submitting your documents by mail. Once you file, the court will schedule a hearing where you and your spouse can appear and respond to any issues the judge might have. You can file divorce documents electronically, but they must be printed out and submitted to the court in person or by mail.

Knowing When Synchronization Is Important 

There are times when precision is essential in the divorce process. For example, child custody agreements can be affected by the days when the child’s birthday falls. If you are going to file for custody, you should know the exact date of your child’s birth. While it is not necessary to know the exact second of your wedding day, it is advisable to find out the exact date of your marriage. Since you cannot file for divorce before a year has passed since the date of your marriage, the date of your marriage is important.


There are many reasons why couples decide to get divorced. While it might seem like a quick and easy solution to marital problems, divorce can be complicated and costly. An experienced Huntsville divorce lawyer can help you navigate the process and avoid costly errors.